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The Eatery - BBQ, Grill, and other Tasty Treats

BAMFHere at The Eatery, you will find good old fashioned food. We have a delicious menu that tastes great and tastes the same, the next time you come in! We strive for perfection and polite service. We value all of our customers, without you, we would only have our excellent food, with knowone to help us eat it! The Eatery - BBQ, Grill, Catering, and Tasty Treats.


Take your time and enjoy the site, but better yet, come to The Eatery to get Great Food or bring us to you!

The Eatery, you will find good old fashioned food. We not only BBQ, but we also smoke our foods. We have a nice menu to choose from. We serve many different ethnic foods to temp everyones pallets. We serve meat of course, but we also serve Vegitarian foods and Salads. And for the kids, we have our famous Mac N' Cheese.


The Eatery Catering Event Reservation Form

Please provide us with the following information:

Event Name:

Your Name:

Day Phone:

eMail address:

Event Information

Date of Event:

Eating time: Time food will need to be ready.

Address of Event:

Number of guests: Minimum 10 guests for onsite Catering.


Buffet Meal:

All DINNERS include entree, 2-side dishes, grilled bread, chips, salsa, paper goods and plastic utensils.

Side dish 1: Select your side dish.

Side dish 2: Select your second side dish.

Extra dish 1:

Extra dish 2:

Appetizer tray:


Beverage 2: You may pick more than one Beverage, additional charges apply.




Menu items updated regulary.

Food time can be extended at $40.00 per half-hour increments



Here at The Eatery, we cook with different techniques. We grill and smoke, fry, and saute. Our foods are filled with flavor becaues we use clean material to cook with. We are not afraid to use rubs and marinates. We marinate almost every food we serve. We feel the more taste, the better the food! With our BBQ, you will receive our signature flavors. The flavors that keep you satisfied. Come get your fill at The Eatery Grill.

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