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The Eatery - BBQ, Grill, and other Tasty Treats

Terms and Conditions

BAMFTerms and Conditions for our onsite BBQ Catering:

Please reserve your event date EARLY - no cost for doing so.

Event Reservation Request Form. Event Request

We must have easy access to the area for our BBQ pits & equipment. Please avoid steps, hills, long distance, etc. We need to drive into the event or serving area location with 2 vehicles, the BBQ pit, all utensils, serving tables, firewood, cold chests and foods.
Menu selections can be placed anytime, but must be FINAL 2 weeks BEFORE event date.
Your order must be for 15 people or more and within San Luis Obispo County. (Out of our area at additional fees.) Entree & Sides must be the same for all guests at your event.
All serving is Buffet Style - help yourself - we do not provide serving staff, seating. tables, covers or setup / cleanup. SERVING staff at the buffet tables is available at $20.00 per hour, per person (2 hour minimum= for setup and packing extra foods for you to take home).
You provide setup, takedown, serving people and cleanup people for your area. We setup and cleanup our BBQ and serving areas.
You will need to provide for Trash / Rubbish disposal. (Note: paper goods require lots of trash bags / barrels, etc.). You may wish to rent chairs, tables, linens, silverware, tents, covers, etc. We can provide these services at an additional charge.
Sorry we cannot make changes to your order within 2 Weeks of your event date - no changes, no cancellations. The number of guests you have on your FINAL order (2 weeks BEFORE event) is the people we plan food for and Invoice you for.
Your order will be considered final (guests and menu) TWO weeks prior to event.
Minimum 50% Depost required 2 weeks prior to event. Balance payable at event. We do not offer other terms.

Our normal "serving window " is ONE hour - we keep all serving pans restocked with fresh, warm foods. Extended "serving window" time can be purchased at $40.00 per half-hour.
We provide a 5% overage of foods you order so that we have enough for hungry faces.
EASY access to the BBQ area and the "Serving Area". No stairs, steps, hills, brush, plants, etc. Keep our cook area close to the serving area.
All and any extra, left-over, food is yours to keep. We will wrap extras in foil. You provide containers for beans, salad, etc. Out-of-the-area bbq Catering is an added fee based on distance, people count (minimum 100) and menu. Contact us

We do provide a LABOR only BBQ, based on the following criteria:

You provide all foods, seasonings, cold storage, utensils, paper goods, serving tables, serving pans, ice, trash bags, etc. Basically everything!
We trim, and season, grill or smoke your meats over our firewood, briquettes, or propane on our bbq pits. We then place all cooked goods in your serving pans in your serving area.
BBQ area and serving area must be close to each other. No stairs, steps, hills, plants or other obsticles please. Water and Electric outlets are helpful. We also offer a food delivery option as well. This option is a basic prepare, and deliver option. Either option, we cleanup our work area. We leave all left-over foods wrapped in foil, or in your containers, for you and guests.

Per person by Quote - added fees for travel and events OUTSIDE of San Luis Obispo County will apply.

Here at The Eatery, you will find good old fashioned food. We have a delicious menu that tastes great and tastes the same, the next time you come in! We strive for perfection and polite service. We value all of our customers, without you, we would only have our excellent food, with knowone to help us eat it! The Eatery - BBQ, Grill, Catering, and Tasty Treats.

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